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My name is Thanos Zitouniatis.
I teach English for Academic and Professional purposes.

Are you interested in pursuing a Master’s Degree in Europe, applying for a PhD in the US or Canada or thinking of registering with the GMC in the UK? You will need to certify your English language. That is where I can assist.

I have been teaching English since 1993 specialising in Academic certificates such as IELTS, TOEFL, GRE and GMAT among others.

Over 25 years of Teaching Experience

Classroom and Private lessons

Native English Speaker

Being Canadian, my English contains major elements of both British English and American English.

Engineering Background

Yes, apart from many years of language teaching experience, I hold a Master’s in Engineering. That means I will find a way to teach you passive voice, advanced number properties and maybe some coding all in one session.

Everything you need to learn

Project based tutorials for step by step guide.

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  • Thanos Zitouniatis

    Thanos Zitouniatis

    Thanos Zitouniatis

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    Paul Croves

    Paul Croves

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    Matt Macfarlane

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